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In 2013 students will have the option of purchasing stationery as listed under each individual subject or the option of substituting the individual stationery for 1 or 2 lever arch files,
subject dividers and enough refill to cover their subjects.

I recommend that families shop around for the best prices when purchasing stationery.

Stationery lists will be posted home early in the new year.

Students are to arrive prepared for the first day of school with their stationery.
Whole school commences 29 January 2015.

College Shop

Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in each student’s  Shop Account at the beginning of the year to cover the following items. These are only available through the College Office.

 Wesley College Bible  $20.00 New
$40.00  Replacement  (current students should have a bible)  
 2015 Diary  $15.00
 2015 Collegian (Year Book)  $20.00
 2015 Student ID Card  $10.00 (used for student fares/proof of identity)

The College shop will carry very basic student school stationery to top up students during the term ie refill pads, pen and pencils. Please ensure that you purchase all of your son's / daughter's stationery before they arrive at the beginning of the year. 
2014 Stationery Lists
Year 9 2015
Year 10 2015
Year 11 2015
Year 12 2015
Year 13 2015