Media Studies – Media Shoot Day

MEDIA STUDIES – Courses are available in Years 12 & 13

Media Studies  Type  Number of Credits
 Number of Credits
 Total Number of
 Level 2  Achievement 17  4 21
Level 3 Achievement 16 4 20



A.S. 91249 4 cr Media Studies 2.2 – Demonstrate understanding of narrative in media texts
A.S. 91250 3 cr Media Studies 2.3 – Demonstrate understanding of representation in the media
A.S. 91251 4 cr Media Studies 2.4 – Demonstrate understanding of an aspect of a media genre – External
A.S. 91252 4 cr Media Studies 2.5 – Produce a design and plan for a developed media product using a range of conventions
A.S. 91253 6 cr Media Studies 2.6 – Complete a developed media product from a design and plan using a range of conventions


A.S. 91490 4 cr Media Studies 3.1 – Demonstrate understanding of an aspect of a media industry – External
A.S. 91492 3 cr Media Studies 3.3 – Demonstrate understanding of the media representation of an aspect of New Zealand culture or society
A.S. 91494 4 cr Media Studies 3.5 – Produce a design for a media product that meets the requirements of a brief
A.S. 91495 6 cr Media Studies 3.6 – Produce a media product to meet the requirements of a brief
A.S. 91497 3 cr Media Studies 3.8 – Write a media text to meet the requirements of a brief



There are courses available in Year 12 and 13

Media Studies is a university-approved subject that is fun but challenging. You will develop critical thinking skills, creativity and self-management through a programme of themed learning.

At Level 2 our focus is horror films. You will watch and analyse a series of films before undertaking the planning, shooting and editing of your own mini-horror movies.

At Level 3 our focus is magazines. You will study the print industry and how it is changing and you will plan, research and produce your own magazine feature article spreads.

There is a fair amount of writing at both levels so it is a requirement that you have a minimum of 10 English credits at Level 1 or Level 2 for entry on to the course.

Media Studies opens up a broad range of job opportunities in the future, including filmmaking, television production, journalism and print production, digital media, marketing, teaching and public relations. You will develop a wide range of skills that will be transferrable to further education and any workplace setting.


Teacher in charge of Media Studies:  Mrs. C. Saunders – email :