life and faith flow
 LIFE AND FAITH  –  Level 1 and Level 2 – rotates with  Financial Capability & transition  – a 1/3 of a year of each
 Life & Faith  Type  Number of Credits
 Number of Credits
 Total Number of
Level 1 – rotational subject
rotates with Financial Capability and Transition
 Achievement 6 0 6
 Level 2 – rotational subject
rotates with Financial Capability and Transition
Achievement 6 0 6
 Level 3  Achievement 18 0 18


LEVEL 1  –  a 1/3 of a year – rotates with Financial Capability & Transition

A.S. 90817  6 cr Religious Studies 1.2 – Describe a significant development within a religious tradition

LEVEL 2  –  a 1/3 of a year – rotates with Financial Capability & Transition 

A.S. 91724 6 cr Religious Studies 2.1 – Explain a significant theme in a sacred text within a religious tradition (first rotation)
A.S. 90822 6 cr Religious Studies 2.3 – Explain how a contemporary social action derives from the ethical principles of a religious tradition (second rotation)
A.S. 90823 6 cr Religious Studies 2.4 – Explain the key beliefs within two religious traditions in relation to a significant religious question (third rotation)


A.S. 90825  6 cr Religious Studies 3.2 – Analyse a religious tradition(s) in Aotearoa New Zealand
A.S. 90826  6 cr Religious Studies 3.3 -Analyse the response of a religious tradition to a contemporary ethical issue
A.S. 90827  6 cr Religious Studies 3.4 Analyse the key beliefs of a religious tradition and a secular world view in relation to ultimate questions


Wesley College is a school with Special Character



Life and Faith follows the National Religious Education Curriculum and is a full academic course. This course is assessed through Achievements Standards.

Students will develop an understanding of John Wesley and the Methodist Church, allowing them to build their spiritual beliefs and Christian values. Life and Faith also provides an opportunity for students to experience new ideas, principles, beliefs and different issues in society which students have not witnessed or experienced prior. Finally, students are given Literacy credits which can help them attain Literacy credits at Level 1, Reading Credits at level 2  and is an Approved subject that Year 13 students can utilise for entry into University.

Teacher in Charge of Life & Faith:    Ms. E Tufala – email: