CHAPEL MESSAGES NOVEMBER 2018   CH26112018   CH19112018   CH12112018   CH05112018

CHAPEL MESSAGES OCTOBER 2018   CH22102018   CH15102018   Niue Language week presentation   Mitaki e tau mena oti

CHAPEL MESSAGES SEPTEMBER 2018 CH03092018   Tongan Language Week 2018 Wednesday   Tongan Words and Phrases   Tongan Language Week 2018   Tongan Language Week 2018 – 2

CHAPEL MESSAGES AUGUST 2018   CH27082018   CH20082018   CH13082018   CH06082018

CHAPEL MESSAGES JULY 2018   CH30072018   CH23072018   CH02072018

CHAPEL MESSAGES JUNE 2018   CH25062018   CH18062018   CH11062018   Week Ahead Term2 Week7 – What’s the Plan   CH04062018

CHAPEL MESSAGES MAY 2018   CH28052018   CH21052018   CH14052018   CH07052018

CHAPEL MESSAGES APRIL 2018   CH30042018   CH09042018   CH02042018

CHAPEL MESSAGES MARCH 2018   CH26032018   CH19032018   CH12032018   CH05032018

CHAPEL MESSAGES FEBRUARY 2018   CH26022018      CH19022018   CH12022018   CH05022018   CH01022018


CHAPEL MESSAGES NOVEMBER 2017  CH27112017  CH20112017  CH13112017  CH06112017

CHAPEL MESSAGES OCTOBER 2017  CH30102017  CH23102017  CH16102017

CHAPEL MESSAGES SEPTEMBER 2017  CH18092017  CH04092017

CHAPEL MESSAGES AUGUST 2017  CH28082017  CH21082017  CH14082017  CH07082017

CHAPEL MESSAGES JULY 2017  CH31072017  CH24072017  CH07072017

CHAPEL MESSAGES JUNE 2017  CH09062017  CH02062017

CHAPEL MESSAGES MAY 2017  CH26052017  CH19052017  CH12052017  CH05052017

CHAPEL MESSAGES APRIL 2017  CH13042017  CH07042017

CHAPEL MESSAGES MARCH 2017  CH31032017  CH24032017  CH1703201  CH1003201  CH03032017

CHAPEL MESSAGES FEBRUARY 2017  CH24022017  CH17022017  CH10022017

CHAPEL MESSAGES DECEMBER 2016  CH08122016  CH02122016

NOVEMBER 2016  CH25112016  CH18112016  CH11112016  CH04112016

OCTOBER 2016  CH28102016  CH21102016  CH14102016

SEPTEMBER 2016  CH23092016  CH16092016  CH09092016  CH02092016

AUGUST 2016  CH19082016  CH12082016

JUNE/JULY 2016  CH01072016  CH24062016  CH17062016  CH10062016

MAY 2016  CH03052016  CH27052016  CH20052016  CH13052016  CH06052016

APRIL 2016  CH15042016  CH08042016  CH01042016

MARCH 2016  CH25032016  CH18032016  CH11032016  CH04032016

FEBRUARY 2016  CH26022016  CH12022016  CH05022016