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Welcome to boarding at Wesley College

Wesley College has provided accommodation for its students since 1844.

Currently there are approximately 250 Girls and Boys in the hostels.

Wesley College is committed to promoting positive relationships and enabling students to learn to live together in harmony.

He tapu ngaa tangata katoa - Every Child Matters

John Wesley thought the hallmark of a good parent and a good teacher was to recognise the immense moral responsibility entailed in educating the young. He inherited that belief from his mother who said the following of her role: 

‘I cannot but look upon every soul you leave under my care as a talent committed to me under a trust by the great Lord of all the families, both of heaven and earth’.

In the nineteenth century Methodists urged the creation of schools to be seen as an enlarged family, rather than an institution, that would provide young people with the influences, instructions, and restraints of a well regulated and happy Christian family.

When a family decides to send their child boarding at Wesley College, they join an exclusive community that truly believes every child matters.  With guidance and clear boundaries from the boarding school staff we foster an inclusive and safe environment. With support and tuition, we encourage Girls and Boys to reach their academic potential and to strive for excellence.

Wesley College hostels are more than a physical space. Lifelong friendships are born, a solid work ethic is nurtured, teamwork is fostered and leadership is promoted.

 We want boarders of Wesley College to leave prepared for the challenges of the real world and to look back on their school experience with fondness.

The main caregiver for your child in the hostel is the Hostel Parent.

The Hostel Parent oversees the day to day care and supervision of boarders. Hostel Parents strive to be positive role models in their daily interactions with boarders.

If a boarder, parent, caregiver or guardian has any concern about the well-being of their child, the first point of contact is with the Hostel Parent.

 The role of parents and families remains central to a student’s development. We actively encourage families to visit and participate in the spiritual, sporting and cultural activities of our boarding students which are integral to the Special Character of Wesley College.

We look forward to providing a caring and supportive environment for your child.

Dr Brian Evans
BA, Dip Tch, MEd, PhD

Wesley College Boarding
Student and Parent Information Booklet

2022 Wesley College Boarding Student  Parent Handbook

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