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Wesley College Boarding
Student and Parent Hostel Information Handbook
2023 Wesley College Boarding Student  Parent Handbook


Director of Boarding 
Mr Chris Field – Ext.846
Email: [email protected]

Head of Boarding 
Dr Siaosi Vaili - Ext.819
Email: [email protected].nz

Te Whare Taina: Ext.850 email: [email protected]

Te Whare Maia: Ext.851 email: [email protected]

Denton: Ext.832 email: [email protected]

Harding Hall: Ext.842 email: [email protected]
Te Whare Pakeke: Ext.861 email: [email protected]

Te Paea: Ext.836 email: [email protected]

Hostel Council Details


The Statement of Intent and Strategic Business Plan 2011 – 2013 is the result of a re-visioning exercise initiated by the Trust Board in 2008.  The Plan sets out the way in which the Hostel Council will work to contribute to the Wesley College outcomes for the College.

The control and management of the Trust Board’s Paerata property including the College and the Hostel, is vested in the Wesley College Trust Board. Under the 1976 Integration Agreement the College has a Special Character that includes religious observances, based on a relationship with the Methodist Church of New Zealand.

The Hostel Council, established by the Trust Board in November 2008, governs the hostel and the Deputy Principal (Boarding) under the general direction of the Principal, manages the hostels.

The Hostel Council is responsible for: 

  • developing policy
  • providing strategic direction, planning and budgeting
  • reviewing and monitoring risk and progress towards achieving the Hostel purpose and objectives.

The Hostels’ Council has established its outcomes to be:

The Wesley College Boarding Hostels develop student’s spiritual, academic, cultural, social and sporting potential, in a disciplined * environment, that celebrates the special character of the Methodist Church of New Zealand.* in this context, disciplined means ordered, structured, safe and family like.

An examination of the Hostels’ operating environment across a wide range of categories together with a detailed assessment of high level strategic risk areas and specific mitigation strategies provides a base on which to formulate the strategic directions for 2011 – 13.

To achieve its statutory mandate and the above goals, the Hostel has four output classes all of which have quantified targets and timelines:

  • Provide a home-like environment to boarders 
  • Provide boarder health and welfare services 
  • Provide food service on the College campus 
  • Provide property management services to the College campus

The hostel’s intention is to implement five strategic priorities which will contribute the delivery of the Hostels desired overall outcome:

  • Enhance the celebration of the College Special Character 
  • Improve relationship management and marketing 
  • Enhance the capability of our people
  • Improve business systems 
  • Improve management of College property and physical assets.

Monitoring and assessment will be conducted on a case-by-case basis to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the Hostel’s operating intentions.

C.J. Telford
18 September 2011


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