Message from our Principal

Where families like yours achieve the amazing!

You always knew your son or daughter was capable of great things. At Wesley College, we can take them beyond that to be among the best in the world.

Our academic and cultural traditions have spurred students to career success, leadership, and international fame in a variety of fields from politics to performing arts and business.

In sport we have produced many All Blacks and numerous international sportsmen and women.

We help children like yours become the best they can be.

That’s why students from many generations of the same families have grown up with us. Many of them stay involved with the school and the friends they make here for much of their lives.

But then, most students see as us as being more than a school. In their own words, we’re “like a family,” supporting and encouraging them to succeed.

It’s been that way since we began teaching life and leadership skills to young Maori and the children of missionaries in 1844. We’re the oldest secondary school in the country.

On these pages you’ll discover what we offer today; high standards of academic education, music, arts, and cultural tradition; a wide range of sporting challenges; hostel accommodation; scholarships for boys and girls; fee subsidies and more.

We’re here to help your children make the most of their potential …in a non-sectarian, but Methodist Christian atmosphere.

Thank you for choosing Wesley College.

Dr Brian Evans