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Wesley College offers E-Learning options for all students. The current and future world requires digital fluency in all fields of post-school life. As a result, students need to be confident to be able to use a range of digital tools. At Wesley College, students select and use a range of digital apps to help solve problems, present their learning or create new knowledge. Our main forms of digital learning aim to develop:

  • Working school wide/develop core skills – Doing research on the internet, filming video, taking notes, working collaboratively online, reading online (ebooks, e-textbooks), downloading worksheets/ workbooks.
  • Make learning meaningful and relevant – interviewing people outside the classroom via Skype, creating/choosing new ways to demonstrate knowledge, gathering new knowledge
  • Encourage effective teaching and learning – Devising new ways to accelerate learning, higher achievement, teacher collaboration, TAI, feedback from students


We would like all students to have access to a e-learning device. It is expected that all Year 9, 10 and 11 students at Wesley College to bring their own learning device to school every day. Here’s some information to help families start planning:

All students will have access to our robust, monitored and secure Wi-Fi network to support and enhance their learning. Students will be able to demonstrate their learning, access course material and resources through google applications also known as the G-suite. Students are also able to access their timetable, results and other details through our student portal. Students use cloud storage within the Google Apps environment as well as Dropbox and OneDrive to store their documents.

Parents with a “Parent Portal” that allows parents to become more involved with their child’s progress at school. By going online, parents are able to view student timetables, up to date attendance data, course details and student results.

Any device can be used for BYOD, however we insist that it is not of a tablet type and has a screen of no less than 11 inches.

New students are able to purchase the preferred subsidised device which is an ACER Chromebook at a cost of $325.00

To purchase the bundle outright:

$325.00 incl GST

This includes a Wesley College 50% subsidy.

BYOD Portal:

Username:  wesleycollege
Password:   wcbyod

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